Jenny McCarthy Has A Very Low Opinion Of 'The View', Says Show Won't Last Much Longer

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If Jenny Mccarthy is to be believed, fans of The View better enjoy the show while it's still on air.

Barbara Walters’ former co-host has a pretty low opinion on the chances of the talk show still remaining on air for much longer because of the producers' serial dating tendencies.

"It’s like a serial dater. Stick with one boyfriend and don’t go on Tinder," the actress said of The View’s tendency to keep changing sets, background and even hosts.

The show is admittedly notorious for the quick turnaround of hosts in recent years.

McCarthy left the show after only one season, along with show stalwart Sherri Shepherd. Since then, The View has welcomed Nicole Wallace, Rosie Perez and Rosie O'Donnell (who was welcomed twice) and a slew of guest panelists.

O'Donnell has already left the show (again) and there have been rumors that Perez is also on the way out.

According to McCarthy, the problem is that the producers are afflicted with a bad case of instant gratification.

“If it doesn’t boil quick, you’re out,” she said. “I feel like they’re not allowing anything to grow.

Going back to her dating metaphor, the 42-year-old McCarthy believes the solution is to "give that relationship all you’ve got and ride through the bumps and waves.”

Since the new Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg seems to have figured The View out, would she be willing to go back and help keep it afloat?

"No, thank you," was her answer to an offer one producer made. "Because I couldn't be me,” she explained.

And being herself is apparently very important to the blonde bombshell.  Luckily, her new show Dirty, Sexy, Funny on SiriusXM allows her to be herself and more, something that the funny lady is grateful for.

"I've never been more happy with a job in my entire life...I get to be myself,” she raved about her new show.

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