Jenny Dell Reassigned For Dating One of The Red Sox


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Jenny Dell, who's the sideline reporter for the Boston Red Sox, has just been reassigned to another position within her TV station NESN, because apparently, she's been involved with Will Middlebrooks, the Red Sox's third baseman.

Although Dell is just now being reassigned for the 2014 season, rumors of her relationship to Middlebrooks started to pick up in the fall of 2013, and it was officially confirmed when the couple was outed in a social media post. And who outed them? Middlebrooks did, as he sent out a tweet showing him and Dell together on New Year's Eve.

"Happy New Year from us to you," read the Twitter photo. "Here's to a great 2014."

After the image was posted, Dell was reassigned by NESN, but the station was vague about the exact reason why. "NESN has an active search for a Red Sox sideline reporter," said Gary Roy, a NESN spokesperson. "Jenny Dell, a multi-talented on-air personality, is anchoring NESN Sports Today and handling other assignments for NESN."

It's safe to assume, the reason Dell was reassigned and not fired, had a lot to do with her past role at NESN, as she didn't cover the Red Sox as a regular reporter, she was equivalent to a team announcer, who's sort of part of the organization, and doesn't have to be completely objective or far removed from the team.

However, Dell's bosses still felt it was best for her to work elsewhere, since being involved with a player could harm her decision making ability on the job, or lead her to show some kind of favoritism to Middlebrook or the rest of the team--which wouldn't be totally uncommon, but it would still be unprofessional.

Some might say that Dell knew she was going to be reassigned once Middlebrook tweeted the photo, and she prepared herself. Others might say that she could have been tired of keeping her relationship under wraps, and she wanted to date Middlebrook openly.

Either way, there's a slim chance this union won't hurt Dell much, because not only is she still in good standing with her employer, it's been rumored that FOX Sports 1 is interested in her for a future position. So it looks like the sky's still the limit for this well-liked New England sports reporter.

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