Jennifer Westfeldt is Vital to Jon Hamm's New Life of Sobriety

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Jennifer Westfeldt has been Jon Hamm's girlfriend for a longtime and as the Mad Men star begins a new life of sobriety after completing a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction, no one supports him more.

According to a source for People magazine, Jennifer Westfeldt, 45, has also helped "keep him in line."

"He needs [Jennifer]," said the source. "He has to have that in his life."

Jennifer Westfeldt is even more of a rock for Jon Hamm, 44, since the death of his parents, who divorced when he was a toddler, at an early age has been difficult for the actor.

His mother died when he was only 10 and his father when he was 20. These early losses created a "complicated" man.

"He lost his mother at a really young age and grew up without that type of figure in his life," said the source.

In 2010, Jon Hamm opened up about the loss of his father.

"I was ... unmoored by that," he told The Observer about his father's death. Left "in bad shape," Hamm turned to therapy and antidepressants to beat the illness.

"It gives you another perspective when you are so lost in your own spiral," he said. "It helps."

Jennifer Westfeldt claims the dark character Jon Hamm plays on Mad Men, Don Draper, has affected real life.

"It's a confusing juxtaposition," Jennifer Westfeldt told GQ in the magazine's latest cover story which features Hamm. "I think the darkness of Don has weighed heavily on Jon, despite it being the role of a lifetime and the opportunity that gave him the career of his dreams."

Mad Men finishes up its seventh season April 5 on AMC.

Pam Wright