Jennifer Nettles Shares Message of "Coat of Many Colors"

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Jennifer Nettles plays the role of a young Dolly Parton's mother in the Christmas special Coat of Many Colors. During a recent interview with The Christian Post, the Sugarland singer shared the message she received from the made-for-TV movie.

"I think the best message of the film is you can be rich in things but it's much more important to be rich in love," she says.

Her Coat of Many Colors role as Avie Lee Parton is the first onscreen role for Jennifer Nettles. In the role as a young mother of 12 children, she experiences profound grief when her baby boy, Larry, dies shortly after he is born.

Dolly Parton knew as soon as she saw Jennifer Nettles audition for the role, that she was the one she wanted to play little Dolly's mother.

"That's mama," Parton said to her production partner, Sam Haskel.

"Oh my, that actually makes me want to cry when I think about it," Jennifer Nettles says. "Because what a huge compliment, and especially knowing her relationship with her mother, and my own relationship with my own mother. To hear someone see me in this way is really an honor.

Nettles says she immediately said yes to reading for the role because of the movie being about Dolly Parton.

"I don't know who doesn't love Dolly Parton," she says.

"I feel so spoiled for this to have been my first experience," she adds.

The message Jennifer Nettles got from playing this role is perfect for this Christmas season.

Do you suppose Jennifer Nettles might consider furthering her acting career now that she's starred in Coat of Many Colors? She certainly wouldn't be the first singer to cross into acting--or vice versa.

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