Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Baby Bump, Reveals Pregnancy Workout

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Jennifer Love Hewitt bared her baby bump in a photo shoot to promote Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula stretch mark cream.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a special place in her heart for the products, as she used them with her first pregnancy and they totally worked for her.

Her first child, Autumn James, is now 17 months old and Jennifer Love Hewitt is using the products again.

In the accompanying interview, Jennifer Love Hewitt said, “After the success I had using Palmer’s through my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted to support the brand by baring my pregnant belly to celebrate the beauty of expectant mothers.”

She added, “These are products that I believe in and actually use — they help moms to embrace the natural glow of pregnancy, and I find it so empowering to be able to show my pregnancy off in this way.”

While she was shooting, Jennifer Love Hewitt also took the time to speak to ET about her pregnancy workout.

She revealed, "I think it's important to say that some skinny people who have never been pregnant also have stretch marks, so do not feel like it's just something that happens to pregnant people."

That being said, there is more to keeping her figure than just using the special cream.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also follows a pretty serious workout.

"I've been working out five days a week," Jennifer Love Hewitt said. "It's a combination of boxing, swimming -- really good for swelling."

Of course, she's not always spot-on with the healthy pregnancy diet. That is pretty much impossible.

Jennifer Love Hewitt admitted, "The last four days I have been craving Ralph's chocolate birthday cake!"

She added in her defense, "You have nine months to enjoy. Don't go crazy because it's really hard to come off afterwards, and it doesn't happen in two seconds like it looks like in Hollywood. I would say pace yourself but definitely enjoy, especially at the end. What's another five pounds when you have like a month to go? You're like, 'Whatever. It's a cake.'"

Jennifer Love Hewitt is due next month! What do you think of her pregnancy workout?

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