Jennifer Lopez Hair: Real, Or Extensions?

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Jennifer Lopez debuted a new short hairstyle on Monday while on tour in Chile, leading to much speculation about whether her former long, golden-brown locks were really hers.

While some say the style makes her more youthful--an obvious edge while dating much-younger man Casper Smart--some say it looks dated, like a throwback to her In Living Color days. In my opinion, short hair makes anyone look a little older, a little more sophisticated...but what do I know? I cut and dye my hair myself and it's been every color of the rainbow.


Hollywood is no stranger to extensions; they're used extensively for celebrities of every kind, from the stage to the silver screen. But when a celebrity--especially one in the upper echelon of A-List--does something drastic to their hair, it always makes people talk. Seeing J Lo with her trademark long, straight tresses has become expected, and when she's photographed with a much shorter style and sporting her natural waves, it's bound to cause some gossip.

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