Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup, Smoking A Joint?

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Jennifer Lawrence has had quite a week; after an Oscar win, an Oscar tumble, being hit on by Jack Nicholson, and flying to Hawaii to finish shooting for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" immediately after all that, she's bound to need some R&R. Perhaps that explains the pics some lucky photographer snapped of her relaxing on her hotel balcony, drinking some wine and possibly lighting up a J.

No judgement! If J-Law wants to let her newly-brunette hair down and get lifted in Hawaii, she certainly deserves it. Of course, it could just be a cigarette. An oddly-held, oddly fat cigarette. Either way, she's using her downtime the way a lot of young people who'd just won an Academy Award would: however the hell she wants. Makeup? Pssh. Who needs makeup in Hawaii? All you need is a bottle of wine and a good friend to chill with while whale-watching (it's their mating season, you know).

Of course, all this does is up her street-cred, which wasn't suffering to begin with. We love us some Jennifer Lawrence.



Images: FameFlyNet

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