Jennifer Lawrence Turned Down A Prince

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Jennifer Lawrence has become the subject of a lot of crushes in the last couple of years; not only is she extremely talented when it comes to acting and singing (and dancing, as proven in Silver Linings Playbook), she's also not afraid to be silly and make fun of herself, even on the red carpet. But while millions of guys around the world harbor feelings of unrequited love, they can take solace in the fact that even a prince couldn't snag a date with her.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer was asked by Prince Harry to go on a date and she politely refused.

"Harry made his aide invite her out to dinner and coupled it with an invite for her to see Kensington Palace," a source told the magazine.

Lawrence is reportedly still dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, despite rumors that he might be reconciling with his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow. The Hunger Games actress was seen having a romantic dinner with the musician earlier this month, where they dodged the cameras of curious onlookers.

"Their table faced the courtyard, and people ran outside to take pictures of them, but the bodyguard put a stop to that," a source said. "They were talking softly to each other throughout the meal. As they left, she changed shoes and her sweater, and she was overheard telling him she wanted to take a walk through Strawberry Fields, and they left holding hands."

Lawrence, who was named FHM's "Sexiest Woman In The World" last year, recently lost the title to British actress Michelle Keegan. She did snag third place, however, right behind Kendall Jenner and ahead of Kate Upton.

Not only is Jennifer Lawrence popular with the guys, she's garnered love from the ladies, as well, for her body-positive attitude. Lawrence told Barbara Walters in 2013 that she didn't understand why shows like Fashion Police--on which a panel critiques clothing and, often, bodies, on the red carpet--were allowed to air on television.

"I think the media needs to take responsibility for the effect it has on our younger generation, on these girls that are watching these television shows and picking up how to talk and how to be cool. So all of a sudden being funny is making fun of a girl that's wearing an ugly dress," Jennifer Lawrence said.

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