Jennifer Lawrence Sleeping Around to Get Roles, According to Lindsay Lohan?

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Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence has recently been called out by bad girl Lindsay Lohan in a recent interview with Kode magazine.

"She's so fake and I'm sorry I'm not going to f--- for roles," Lohan was quoted as saying.

Of course, it was also revealed that Lohan was heavily drinking vodka on the rocks during the interview. But this rivalry may have originally stemmed from comments made after the Silver Linings Playbook actress won the 2013 Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

During her acceptance speech, 23-year old Lawrence made an "I beat Meryl" joke, which she said comes from the film First Wives Club.

Lohan immediately took to Twitter to defend Meryl.

"Bette Midler was talking about a Globe [in the movie], I can't believe nobody's ever done it before, where she says 'Look what it says, it says I beat Meryl,'" Lawrence explained in an interview with David Letterman in 2013, calling Lohan and anyone else who didn't understand the joke "idiots."


"She's so fake," Lohan said in the Kode interview.

However, representatives for Lohan are saying that the interview was fabricated.

"Lindsay never spoke to any journalist at Kode. The interview was completed via email," a rep told E! News on Monday. "We have no comprehension on why a journalist would fabricate this content and distribute it in such an irresponsible way."

But Jacob Simon, executive editor of Kode, is saying otherwise, claiming that not only did the interview take place, but there were witnesses there to prove it.

"Yes, the interview took place and everything stated in the article is fact and came directly from Lohan herself," Simon said. "And we have photos chronicling the writer and Lindsay's numerous times together."

In the meantime, Lohan is continuing to drop bombs to the press, such as revealing a previous miscarriage on her own television series and admitting to currently having an affair with a married man with children.

Lawrence has made no comment in relation to the Kode article and continues to be held as one of the most talented - and desirable - young actresses in America.

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