Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Pipes In New Film

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Jennifer Lawrence, self-deprecating though she may be, is a young woman of many talents. While she says all she can really do is act and shoot a bow and arrow--which she learned to do for "The Hunger Games"--we think she's selling herself short.

The actress displays some mad singing skills in the trailer for the film "House At The End Of The Street", accompanied only by the guitar she's strumming and some creepy imagery. The song is "All You've Gotta Do Is Fall In Love With Me", a cover of a Benji Hughes tune.

The film's music supervisor, Steve Lindsey, said Lawrence was extremely nervous to try out singing but rose to the occasion beautifully.

“Even [though] she was nervous, her humor about the situation shined through with her begging for us to ‘Photoshop’ her voice,” he said.

Check out her talents for yourself. The film opens this Friday.

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