Jennifer Lawrence Shares Embarrassing Moment

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Jennifer Lawrence isn't afraid to admit when she has done something foolish or crazy and instead of being embarrassed by her own actions and behavior, she often just laughs them off.

Lawrence recently revealed a time that she was embarrassed and said that it happened at Madonna's Oscars after-party.

Lawrence said that she was enjoying herself a little too much at the party and had drank so much that she was drunk. When she felt the need to throw up, she couldn't make it to a bathroom or even the bushes and instead, vomited on the stairs.

Miley Cyrus just happened to be walking down the stairs at the time and saw the entire incident unfold. As she walked by the nauseas Lawrence, she told her, "get it together girl," and continued on her way down the stairs.

Miley Cyrus is certainly in no position to be telling anyone else to get it together. Her behavior over the last several months has been anything but normal and she has embarrassed herself on several different occasions.

If any other star was sharing a story of their drunken behavior at an Oscars party, the world might be quick to judge. There is something charming about Lawrence's ability to tell silly stories about herself with no shame.

Lawrence has had other embarrassing moments at the Oscars. She tripped on the red carpet at the event this year and last year she tripped while walking on stage to receive her award for Best Actress.

Lawrence might find her embarrassing moments funny, but she doesn't have too much time to think or dwell on them. The actress just bought a house in the English countryside with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and the couple have been spending a lot of time together lately.

"Jen loves the English way of life and as they are now serious again, it makes sense to look into buying somewhere," said a source close to the actress.

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