Jennifer Lawrence Reveals New Mustache and Unibrow Look in NYC

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In the continuing story of everyone loving Jennifer Lawrence, and the ways she subverts the idea of celebrity and how female celebrities should present themselves; enter the mustache and unibrow. During her recent trip to New York City, which includes apartment hunting and attending the Tribeca Film Festival, she revealed her new glorious look at the festival itself.

Lawrence has always been known for taking the super serious aspect of the celebrity presentation and turning it on its head. She's had run-ins with the paparazzi and she hasn't been silent on her feelings towards their intrusion on celebrity private lives.

Without further ado, enjoy the glamour of Lawrence's mustache and unibrow. Let's just hope this becomes something, and we start seeing the likes of all celebrities taking a page out of Lawrence's book about defying the glitz of it all.

Lawrence's new look has taken Twitter by storm, with most people appreciating Lawrence's continued silliness.

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