Jennifer Lawrence On The Time The Maid Found Her Sex Toys

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Jennifer Lawrence has quickly risen to become Hollywood's "It" girl, and not just because she's an Academy Award-winning actress; she's also incredibly funny and unafraid to poke fun at herself.

The "American Hustle" star sat down with Conan O'Brien recently while promoting her film, and the conversation took a wild turn. When Conan asked what she'd be doing if she wasn't an actress, the Kentucky native said she would be a hotel maid, because she loves to clean and snoop through other people's things. That, in turn, brought the convo around to whether or not she's afraid that people will snoop through her things, since she travels a lot.

She admitted that the thought has crossed her mind, particularly since her maid recently came across a "copious amount of butt-plugs" that she'd stashed under the bed.

Check out the interview to see why.

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