Jennifer Lawrence: Gorgeous And Deadly As Mystique


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We didn’t get to see Jennifer Lawrence do all that much in X-Men: First Class.

Lawrence's character Mystique was introduced as the ward/adopted sister of Charles Xavier and her eventual alliance with Magneto was somewhat adequately explained.

Aside from that, Mystique was clearly blue green behind the ears at this stage of the story.

With the table set for the future and past collide, Days of Future Past promises to bring the young version of Mystique closer to being the bad ass she was portrayed as in the original X-Men trilogy.

Lawrence has some big shoes to fill in the sexy villainess department.

Rebecca Romijn's portrayal of the character as sensual and deadly was almost amazing enough to make fans of the comic character not be depressed about the lack of guns and clothes.

Thanks to a cameo, we’re led to believe that Jennifer Lawrence's version of Mystique will evolve into that character eventually.

This meant that the new movie had to ramp up Mystique’s fighting abilities considerably.

A new clip features the young mutant taking on a room full of military personnel to get at the character Bolivar Trask, played by Peter Dinklage.

It is the first real glimpse we see of a Mystique closer to the character we'd long been familiar with.

In the video, we see Trask discussing technology meant to rid the world of mutants while being absolutely harmless to the surrounding humans. It's pretty obvious Trask is hinting at the introduction of the Sentinels.

During the course of his presentation, Trask unintentionally shows off the accuracy of his invention. At the same time, Mystique’s cover is blown.

She’s either forced to fight her way out or perhaps fight her way towards the objective of killing the man who invented giant robots to wipe out mutantkind. What this scene demonstrates is that people wanting Mystique to have more to do in terms of kicking ass will likely be getting their wish.

Whether she’s ultimately successful in her goal will be heavily speculated about until the movie arrives in theaters May 23rd.

Image via YouTube