Jennifer Hudson Reinvents Herself For New Album

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Jennifer Hudson opened up recently about her new album JHud, saying that while it's a departure from her usual style, that isn't a bad thing.

The former American Idol contestant appeared on Today this week to perform some songs from the upcoming release and talked a bit about how she feels about limitations.

"That's all a part of artistry, is reinventing yourself. I don't believe in being boxed in, or limits," she said.

While fans are more acquainted with Hudson's signature ballad-style, the crowd at Today enjoyed her new tracks and showed their support with "JHud" t-shirts. The album will be available on September 23.

Hudson also spoke recently about a very painful topic--the murders of her nephew, brother, and mother in 2008--and said her family has come up with a way to deal with the sadness and grief that comes along every year on what would have been young Julian's birthday: holding a celebration which ensures a community of school children receive the supplies they need for the year at no cost.

"We would dread each holiday and each birthday. This has been the trick to get us through the day and to the day," Hudson said.

The event is a huge deal to the community and has become so popular that local vendors have gotten involved, giving it the feel of a carnival. For Hudson and her sister Julia, it's a way to both remember Julian in a positive way and get kids excited about school.

"You have to find your way through it. The best thing you can do is to do things that you know (your deceased family members) would be pleased with. That way you know that they're smiling and they're happy. That's one of the things that gets me through. Am I doing what my mother taught me? Am I remembering them in the way that they would want to be remembered? Am I representing them in the way that they would want to be represented? Doing that helps me," she said.

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