Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Is Too Competitive

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Ben Affleck is way competitive and he gets completely riled up at his children's sporting events.

That's what his wife Jennifer Garner said when she visited Live! With Kelly & Michael last week.

She said whenever they attend their daughter's basketball game, it's hard for her husband to just sit back and enjoy it. Instead, he yells instructions at the kids, but not Garner, she goes to the games just to cheer--whether her daughter is playing well or not.

"I clap for everyone who makes a shot on either team," she said. "Because I feel like, good shot, great job, and meanwhile he's freaking out and I'm constantly like, 'stop it!'"

But what gets Garner the most is when Affleck yells at other players on his daughter's team, and she has to remind him that little girls are playing, not high school or college kids.

"You know, he'll be saying, 'she's open! Do you see she's open?,'" said Garner. "It's like, 'Ben, they're eight. You're yelling at an 8-year-old little girl. She will see that Violet is open and she will get the ball to her when it's appropriate.'"

Affleck's love of sports, especially Boston teams, have been well-documented, and he's also spoke at lengths about his children in interviews.

In a 2010 interview, he lashed out at the paparazzi for hounding his family, and said although people may love to see photos of him and Garner with their children in magazines, they have no idea what the paparazzi does to get those photos.

And since his kids didn't' sign up to be famous they shouldn't have to suffer the same hassles that he and his wife do.

"My kids aren't celebrities," said Affleck. "They never made that bargain.....The tragic thing is, people who see those pictures naturally think it's sweet. They don't see the gigantic former gang member with a huge lens standing over a 4-year old and screaming to get the kid's attention."

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