Jennifer Garner Ruined Her Marriage Even Before Ben Affleck and The Nanny, Matt Damon Allegedly Says

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According to Matt Damon, the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had been nearly over even before Affleck cheated on her.

Sources told OK Magazine that Garner also had her share in ruining their marriage, and Damon believes that Affleck is better off with another woman.

"Matt believes Ben’s marriage was in shambles way before the nanny; there was too much anger there. If she had just loosened up a bit, things would have been different." Apparently, Affleck affair with their kids’ nanny, Christine Ouzounian, was just part of their marital issues and had been the last straw that led to the split.

But despite their rumored miserable separation and upcoming divorce, Garner and Affleck still continue with their co-parenting.

Previously, reports said that Garner wanted Affleck out of their house, but recently, sources said they are still spending time together at their family home.

"Nothing has changed," a source told PEOPLE.

The source added that while Affleck is no longer living in the main house, he is staying at a rental home nearby, making it easier for him to see Garner and the kids.

In fact, Garner and Affleck went to church service last Sunday with their kids, Samuel, Violet, and Seraphina. They were also seen shopping in a local farmers market on the same day after which they also had dinner together.

"They are working together and are keeping it amicable," another source close to the couple previously told PEOPLE. "This is something they have been working on for over a year – and they continue to be strong unit."

Although things might have been nasty between them after the cheating scandal broke out, Garner and Affleck continue to remain friendly not just for the children but for themselves as well.

"It's not just for the kids – it's also for them," a source adds. "They care about each other."

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