Jennifer Garner Gets Rid Of Her Her Wedding Ring, Reportedly Dating Her Old Flame

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Jennifer Garner was spotted without her wedding ring last Saturday while in Santa Monica for a painting and pottery session with six-year-old daughter, Seraphina.

A source close to their family tells People Magazine that Jen is rethinking her living situation with Ben Affleck. She's starting to think it's time for Ben to look for a place of his own.

“Jen will always make sure that Ben spends as much time with the kids as he wants, but she is rethinking their living situation,” the source added. Why? Well Jen is reportedly dating her Alias co-star Michael Vartan. After the alleged affair of Affleck with their former nanny, Jen finally ended their 10-year marriage, and now reportedly turning to Vartan for comfort.

It seems like Jen is now getting back together to Micahel Vartan, who was recently divorced last year. Jennifer Garner dated Vartan from 2003 to 2004 before she dated Affleck.

There were rumors that Jennifer Garner had an affair with Vartan while she was married to Scott Foley in 2003, but Foley denied the rumors. According to Foley, their separation was because of Jen’s fame.

Reportedly, Vartan has been Garner’s comfort during the years when Garner was still working on her marriage with Affleck.

Jen and Ben have been separated since June but they were still living together and still wearing their rings to make it easier for their kids to adjust to their separation.

But it seems like now Jennifer Garner has changed her mind. The source also said that Jen couldn’t stand the situation Ben put her and the kids in.

However, wherever they may live, Garner and Affleck are still planning to raise their kids together.

“Jen is being smart and not putting too much pressure on herself right now,” said the source, “When she comes back to L.A., she will take things day by day.”

Anyway, Affleck was also spotted without the ring, so maybe it’s about time they both really move on.

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