Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Split, Better Than Ever, About To Divorce, Doing Fine. Sources Say.

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be headed for the rocks. Or maybe not. It all depends on who you listen to and where you choose to get your gossip.

Entertainment Tonight says that Garner and Affleck "are fine and "actually focusing on spending time together as a family this summer." They cite nameless "sources."

On the flip side of the story, the New York Daily News has its own "insider" source that says the opposite. According to them, Garner and Affleck are rarely seen out together, which is a bad sign.

"The haven't been seen at the Jonathan Club, the beach one in some time, and Ben and Jen were also talking about land and property expansion as late as December," says the insider of Garner and Affleck. "That's all in the past. They've been out of the loop socially for a while."

Not to be outdone, Us Magazine cites its own "insider" who says of Garner and Affleck, "Where there's smoke, there's fire. The marriage is in trouble. Things are not all peaches and cream with them."

A series of comments on one tabloid story summed up the feeling the public gets everytime they read about an imminent split between Jennifer Garner and Ben affleck ... or Beyonce and Jay-Z, or Ellen and Portia:

"So this is the exact same story, regurgitated over and over, with 2 quotes from some unknown source. Ok."

"It's like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They've been splitting up for years."

"And when they're not splitting up, she's pregnant."

"Nah, her surrogate is pregnant, remember?"

Entertainment Tonight analyzed the rumor more closely, calling on the advice of experts like Jessica Wedemeyer of Wonderwall.

"It's not unusual for couples to be apart when one is on set, however Ben has been spotted in Santa Monica -- their home base -- several times in the last month by himself, so it's a little odd that they haven't been seen together when they're so close to home," Wedemeyer said. "Ben and Jennifer reportedly spent her last birthday apart. He was actually photographed the day before her birthday without his wedding ring, however he was in Canada shooting a film, so it's not that unusual."

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