Jennifer Capriati Charged For Allegedly Stalking, Hitting Ex-Boyfriend

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Less than one year after being inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, tennis prodigy Jennifer Capriati could be in trouble with the law.

The 36-year-old Capriati has been hit with battery and stalking charges in Palm Beach County, Florida. The charges stem from an incident between the former tennis star and her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day. She is alleged to have hit Ivan Brannan on that day, and is also charged with "willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly" stalking the man around Valentine's Day in 2012.

The New York Post has reported that Brannan told police that Capriati accosted him at a gym on Valentines day and hit him in the chest four times. The report also recounts accusations that Capriati stalked Brannan at his workplace, pounding on the windows and calling him dozens of times a day.

Capriati has denied the allegations via Twitter, stating that Brennan is lying and that she is "outraged" about the allegations:

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