Jennifer Aniston Will Soon Welcome New Baby Into Her Life

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Friends star Jennifer Aniston has apparently received news that a new baby boy is coming into her life. According to, her younger brother AJ will be giving Aniston a baby nephew when his wife Adriane Hallek gives birth.

“It’s a big baby. They’re having a baby boy,” said Amanda Derycke, Hallek’s grandmother. When asked if Aniston had given her congratulations to the couple, Derycke replied, “I don’t know how she feels about it. They’re trying not to pump this up a lot. I think [Jennifer] might in the future. I’m sure he’s told her. He’s very excited.”

As for having babies herself, Aniston has reportedly said that she doesn't feel as if not having “birthed a child” has decreased her value as a woman. “I’ve birthed a lot of things, and I feel like I’ve mothered many things. And I don’t feel like it’s fair to put that pressure on people,” she previously told Carson Daly on the TODAY show.

Aniston’s fiancé, Justin Theroux, recently admitted to feeling the pressure surrounding his engagement to the 45-year-old actor. According to Hello, Theroux said in a recent interview with Australia’s TV Weekly, “There is this hum of pressure that – I can’t stress enough – I don’t pay any attention to. But I am not going to let a tabloid tell me what to do… I’m not going to watch them tap their watch…. We’re just doing our own thing. We are completely happy, obviously, but were not on anyone else’s timeframe.”

Aniston and Theroux are reportedly busy with their respective projects, her with the second installment of Horrible Bosses and him with his HBO series The Leftovers. Rumors have circulated that Aniston was involved in a reunion project with Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox in the works, but Cox has shot that down, according to E! News.

“No, there’s no truth to that. No. I wish! How fun. We have dinner, like, every month or so, and we have the best time. I will bring it up next dinner, for sure!” said Cox.

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