Jennifer Aniston Uses Friends To Test Hair Products "Like Barbie Dolls"

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Jennifer Aniston has been Hollywood's go-to girl for hair since the "Rachel".

Jennifer Aniston has also always been a great friend to those girlfriends in her life that she keeps close.

Well, it seems Jennifer Aniston has found a way to bring those two loves together to benefit everyone, including patrons of her hair care line, Living Proof.

Jennifer Aniston said that she is the happy recipient of product samples before the bottles hit the shelves.

She said, “Chris [McMillan, BFF, hairstlylist, and business partner] and I usually get samples like six months before so we get to try it out and see how it lasts over time and then give feedback for it. It’s so much fun; it really is a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan aren't the only ones who get to try the new products before they hit shelves.

In fact, Jennifer Aniston admits that she gets her friends, like Courteney Cox and yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, to try them as well.

She said, “They allow me to sort of use their hair, they’re like Barbie dolls."

She added, “Courteney has gorgeous hair, and Mandy’s is really curly so she loves the No Frizz line. Plus, everything smells incredible, that’s my other thing that I love about these products. For me that’s always a big thing, that it isn’t too fragrant-y or perfume-y. It’s so fresh and so light, so incredible.”

Another benefit of Jennifer Aniston's products is that you don't have to wash your hair every day, apparently.

Jennifer Aniston said, “That’s the tip I took from Chris. I was never able to do that because of all the silicones and oils in other products. I wasn’t able to go two or three days like I can now. And that really saves the healthier hair.”

What do you think? Will you be trying Living Proof?

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