Jennifer Aniston Shares MTV Award for Best Kiss

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Jennifer Aniston won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night for taking part in a kissing scene with Emma Roberts and Will Poulter in We're the Millers.The two ladies, however, were noticeably absent so Poulter, who also won for Best Breakthrough Performance earlier in the evening, accepted the award on behalf of all three of them.

It seems Aniston was busy filming her upcoming movie Cake. On set about an hour outside of L.A., she spends lots of time there--most especially this weekend, when she was there almost around the clock. Sources say she was spotted during filming wearing much darker hair fashioned into a bob, and she sported a large scar across her face. She is playing the role of a grieving mother who suffers from horrific pain following a devastating car accident that forever changed her life.

Jennifer Aniston's fiance Justin Theroux visits her on set frequently. He showed up a few days ago on his motorcycle and spent some time with her between shots.

Emma Roberts's only excuse for not being at the MTV Movie Awards and accepting her share of the Best Kiss award was that she was at the Coachella Music Festival a few hours away from L.A. She did manage to check in and tweet about how excited she was to have won the Best Kiss award, along with Jennifer Aniston and Will Poulter.

The MTV Movie Awards are nothing compared to award shows like The Oscars or The Grammy Awards. They serve mostly as a way for producers and actors to tout the merits of their upcoming summer films.

Did you check out the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday? Can you blame Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts for their busyness elsewhere or should they have tried harder to be present when given the Best Kiss award?

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