Jennifer Aniston Seeks Help From Confidence Coach

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Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that likes confrontation. After Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie, she preferred to avoid them and probably hasn’t talked to either of them since.

When you are a celebrity in Hollywood, it can be hard to avoid other celebrities, especially when attending big events, parties or celebrity weddings.

George Clooney’s wedding is fast approaching and although he has kept fairly quiet about the ceremony, most people expect it to be a celebrity-studded one.

Aniston is planning to attend the wedding and Brad and Angelina are expected to be there as well. While Aniston could avoid the couple all night, she feels like she will likely have to see or be around them at some point and isn’t confident that she can handle the situation.

She has sought out help from a therapist who is helping her build up her confidence in case a confrontation can’t be avoided.

"Jen's no stranger to therapy, so she decided to seek some help," a source said.

"At the wedding, she'll have Justin there for support, but the thought of seeing Brad and Angelina is quite overwhelming. The therapist has been helping to build her confidence and eliminate the fear she seems to have built about coming face-to-face with them. She has also been having hypnotherapy," the source added.

It is not likely that any of the three celebrities will try to talk to each other or cause problems at the wedding, but Aniston wants to be prepared just in case.

Clooney’s wedding isn't the only one that Aniston is preparing for. She is currently planning her own wedding that is rumored to take place on her fiancé Theroux's 43rd birthday, August 10. The couple has been engaged for almost two years and Aniston has been planning the wedding for several months.

Do you think there will be a confrontation between Jennifer Aniston and Brad and Angelina?

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