Jennifer Aniston Reveals New Fishtail Braid On Instagram

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If there is any celebrity whose every change of hairstyle shakes the world and sparks new trends in hair, it’s Jennifer Aniston. For years, the Hollywood star rocked the “Rachel,” a sexy layering of chopped locks on the hit TV show Friends, prompting scores of Rachel fans everywhere to get similar looks. On Friday,  Aniston was caught on Instagram wearing her hair in a new way that got her on the radar for hair trends once again.

Chris McMillan, Aniston’s long-time hairstylist posted a picture of Aniston wearing a side swept fishtail braid and smiling, with the caption, “#jenniferaniston #braid #fishtail #summer-hair #unplugged @livingproofinc #lovethisgirl”

Aniston’s hair has been a trendsetter before, but in the last two decades she has been wearing it loose and long, and she rarely wears an updo that isn’t a ponytail. The Instagram photo of her looking lovely in a slightly messy braid might be fresh enough to inspire countless others to go for the same summery look.

Aniston was spotted heading into the salon last week, looking casual in a black blazer, jeans, and white top. Her fiancée Justin Theroux also dropped into the salon to keep her company while she and her stylist worked on their joint project, Living Proof, a beauty technology company that aims to delve deeper into the science of hair in order to create more effective hair products. The Instagram photo of Aniston in braids is thought to be a test shot for Living Proof.

Although the “Rachel” was a very popular look in 1994, Aniston no longer finds it attractive. She even said in 2011 that she would rather shave all her hair off once than have to wear the “Rachel” for the rest of her life, describing the style as “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”

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Image via mrchrismcmillan, Instagram

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