Jennifer Aniston Preparing For Island Wedding

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It seemed like Jennifer Aniston was the girl that never got the guy. Even when she was head over heels for a guy, something would happen and the relationship would end, leaving Aniston back on the singles list.

Aniston finally found the man of her dreams and the two are happily engaged. She even admitted that she was preparing for an island wedding with Justin Theroux. The couple has put a lot of planning into their wedding already but haven't released a lot of details about it.

Sources close to the couple confirmed that they spent the biggest part of last week working on wedding details. These same sources also claim that it will be an island wedding and that Theroux is just as excited about it as Aniston.

The couple has not mentioned a date for their wedding but it will likely occur sometime this year in either late summer or early fall.

Aniston isn't only planning the location and details of the wedding, she is also planning to be in amazing shape for it. She recently admitted that she is on a crash diet and hoping to lose weight and tone up for an upcoming role and her wedding. While doctors warn against crash diets and say that they can end up causing weight gain instead of weight loss, many actors and actresses use them to lose weight quickly for roles or appearances.

Before Aniston and Theroux can get married, the couple will have to endure some time apart. Both of them will start filming soon and on opposite sides of the country. Aniston will be on the east coast and Theroux on the west coast. Hopefully the couple can work on planning their wedding over the phone or via email.

Do you think the couple will be able to handle the time apart and do you think a crash diet is the right way for Aniston to lose weight?

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