Jennifer Aniston Is FINALLY Married! Not!

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Despite a recent tabloid magazine’s cover story about Jennifer Aniston and long-time fiancé Justin Theroux’s secret marriage, the couple is not yet married.

The couple allegedly held a secret ceremony in their Bel Air mansion earlier this summer. Their small and intimate wedding had A-list stars as guests and were sworn to secrecy.

But Aniston’s rep called this news a “fabrication” while Theroux’s rep said this story was definitely “false.”

So, why haven’t they tied the knot yet? Sources say they have not been meeting eye-to-eye when it came to discussions about their prenup. Aniston may not receive royalties from Friends re-runs on Netflix until next year. The couple apparently have not yet agreed on whether her earnings will be considered from during or prior to their marriage .

Another speculation arose when another tabloid magazine blasted that Aniston caught her fiancée cheating with a “pretty and blonde” woman he met on the set of his show The Leftovers.

The mag backed this up with the fact that Theroux dumped his former girlfriend of 14 years for Aniston. The mag even used a photo of a distraught Aniston as a cover.

But the couple’s recent public sightings at the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards shut these crazy rumors down as they looked more in love than ever. They have also been seen partying with Aniston’s close friend Sandra Bullock during a holiday weekend.

So, it looks like the wedding is still on. The public just doesn't know when and where it’s going to happen. We’ve waited three years for them to finally exchange their vows, what’s a few more months? Or years.

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