Jennifer Aniston Highlights Justin Theroux's Woman Crush Wednesday, Speaks Out Against Gun Violence in New PSA

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Jennifer Aniston obviously rates high in hubby Justin Theroux's book--after all, he married her--so it comes as no surprise to learn she's his very first Woman Crush Wednesday icon, too.

It was Wednesday--obviously--that he posted a gorgeous shot of Jennifer Aniston wearing her iconic red Oscars gown.

"wcw #valentinored #xo," he captioned the post.

A photo posted by @justintheroux on

Jennifer Aniston graced the Oscars in this stunning gown back in 2013.

“I just loved the color,” Aniston said at the time, in an interview with People magazine.

“It fits, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to pee in,” she added. “You just lift, hoist and do a couple squats!”

It's easy to see why Justin Theroux is so enamored. Jennifer Aniston not only exudes beauty, style, and grace--she is down to earth and funny, too.

In more recent Jennifer Aniston news, the actress joined forces with fellow Hollywood A-listers including Amy Schumer, Sofia Vergara, Kevin Bacon, and more to create a PSA in conjunction with President Obama's fight against gun violence.

It's abundantly clear Justin Theroux hit the jackpot when Jennifer Aniston fell in love with him.

If the actor posts any future #WCW shots, he'll be hard-pressed to find one that compares.

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