Jennifer Aniston Gets Engagement Ring Cleaned, Public Freaks Out

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Friends star Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to actor Justin Theroux since August 2012. Whether this is the reason Aniston stays at the top of entertainment news or not, it is almost always the main focus surrounding the actress.

Every week there is new speculation as to why the two haven't set a wedding date. Some say it's because of Theroux's wandering eyes. Rumors have flown about the 43-year-old flirting with Girls star Allison Williams during the Emmy Awards and even showing interest in Paula Patton, the ex-wife of singer Robin Thicke.

Despite all the talk, Aniston continues to deny these rumors.

“They’re loaded with absolute false information … They like to create the story, because it’s not interesting that we’re just really happy, and in love, and feel like we’re married.”

As far as a wedding goes, Aniston says that she and Justin like to "live in the moment."

"Marriage is a wonderful thing, a relationship is a wonderful thing; it’s a way to discover who you are,” she said. “My life is a happy life. It’s a choice. Justin is probably one of the funniest human beings that I’ve ever encountered.”

She also adds that she doesn't pay attention to the pressure that the public pushes on her and that she and Theroux aren't "on anyone else's timeframe."

However, on Wednesday, the 45-year-old was seen out and about in Los Angeles and she was not wearing her eight-carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring, causing mass panic among fans.

But never fear. A representative for Aniston spoke out about the lack of bling. "Everyone should calm down - the ring was just being cleaned and is safely back on her hand."

Along with talk about her personal relationship, Aniston is being spoke of as a possible Oscar nominee for her role in Cake. In the film Aniston plays a woman suffering from addiction, rage, and suicidal depression who attends a chronic-pain support group. She appears on screen looking very much unlike Jennifer Aniston with greasy hair, scars, and no makeup.

“I let myself pretty much fall apart physically and that was really important for me, emotionally and physically,” Aniston said.

More Aniston news to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the public can go back to worrying about other things. Like world hunger.

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