Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Stalling On Wedding?

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Jennifer Aniston has been preparing for her wedding to actor Justin Theroux since getting engaged to him two years ago, but recent developments indicate that the couple may be stalling on their wedding. Aniston bought an 8,500 square foot mansion in Bel Air two years ago with the prospect of starting a family life with Theroux, but Globe Magazine has recently reported that she’s preparing to sell it and find a smaller home for herself.

The Friends actor had bought the house so she could live there with Theroux, but the Mullholand Drive star is rarely at home since he is based full time in New York City to film his hit TV show The Leftovers. The couple has rarely been seen in public, appearing only once on the red carpet in 10 months, news which, along with the mansion sale rumors, lead to speculation that they may not be making wedding plans anytime soon.

Aniston’s BFF, Friends co-star Courteney Cox, is reportedly not happy with Theroux’s failure to follow through after two years of engagement. A source told British magazine Heat that she talked to Aniston about it, but her friend took no notice of the comments.

"They didn't fall out over it and Court seems to have pulled things around with Justin now. She tolerates him and they get on OK, but as far as she's concerned, he's on probation,” the source said.

However, the couple recently flew to Bora Bora to celebrate the second anniversary of their engagement, and the trip was planned entirely by Aniston as a birthday present for Theroux. She and Theroux stayed at The Four Seasons, a luxurious beach resort, and the trip may have been a scout for possible wedding locations, according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly. Last month, the couple’s wedding planner, Kevin Lee told Radar Online, “Jennifer and Justin are getting married right by the ocean, so it will be a beach meets California modern-chic sort of thing.”

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