Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Are Taking It Slow

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are a great couple and ever since they got together, everyone has been waiting anxiously to find out if and when the couple will tie the knot.

While Jennifer and Justin are planning to get married someday, they aren't in a hurry to make it happen. While Jennifer is allegedly ready to start planning and talking about details, Justin isn't there yet and according to a source, the couple can't decide when or where to get married.

It was rumored that the two were planning to get married in a private ceremony at a farm in upstate New York, but a source close to the couple said the rumors are false and that there is still no set venue or date for the wedding.

While many couples struggle to make and agree on wedding plans, eventually they figure out the details and move on with the wedding. According to the same source, there could be more problems going on than deciding on the time and place for the ceremony.

The source said that Theroux has commitment issues and that while he may be acting as though he is interested in marrying Aniston, he might back out in the end. This could be why he is so hesitant to plan the wedding.

The source said Theroux had similar issues in his last relationship.

“One moment Justin would be dropping hints to Heidi about ‘when we’re married,’ before getting really vague and ultimately dismissing it as just a piece of paper. Justin seems hesitant to even discuss the kind of ceremony he’d like [with Jen]. Their recent trip to Bora Bora was a typical example — it seems Jen wanted the beautiful setting to inspire them to talk about romantic wedding locations, but it seems Justin has become a pro at deflecting her hints,” the source said.

Jennifer hasn't had a lot of luck with love and when she and Justin started talking about marriage, it seemed like things were finally looking up for her. Hopefully the couple can get the wedding plans figured out and have a happy life together.

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