Jennifer Aniston And Husband Justin Theroux Talk About Their First Month Of Being Married To Each Other

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Two months after their intimate secret wedding and honeymoon in Bora Bora, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally made their first public appearance as a married couple.

Aniston and Theroux attended the Season 2 premiere of Theroux’s show, The Leftovers, last Saturday night at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas.

They walked the red carpet happily and wearing matching colors, Aniston was obviously glowing wearing an all-black jumpsuit and Theroux was looking simple wearing black suit. Wearing matching black outfits, the newlyweds were all smiles as they posed for photographers. Theroux looked dapper in a classic suit and skinny tie, while Aniston sported an all-black jumpsuit. “When Jen and Justin got out of the car, Justin’s body was angled toward Jen, almost protectively,” a source told Us Weekly. Although Aniston and Theroux had been busy during the first months of their marriage, Theroux said that married life is “fantastic”.

"It's fantastic. Something really does shift in a wonderful way and it sort of refocuses things and in a weird way I was sort of… it was a long time coming, but also put us in exactly sort of the right space… it's a wonderful thing," he said.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston previously said that she’s deliriously happy about being Mrs. Jennifer Aniston Theroux.

Aniston and Theroux began dating in 2011 and was engaged for three years. The media and public had begun to wonder if the pair would ever get hitched.

They finally tied the knot last month in a surprise wedding in their home in California. Rumors claimed that they separated a few weeks after the wedding, but Theroux denied them.

Theroux declared that they are still happily married and that he loves calling Jennifer Aniston his wife.

"Oh, my God. It's really nice to say 'my wife'. I'm not [used to saying wife]. I don't want to get used to it for a while. It's nice to drop the fiancée moniker,” Theroux said.

Sources said Aniston and Theroux even went out on a double date with Sandra Bullock and boyfriend, Bryan Randall on September 5.

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