Jennie Garth: Refused to Wait in Line? Or Victim of Racism?


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Jennie Garth was refused entry to a club Monday night, but accounts differ on the reasons why.

TMZ broke the story by posting the headline "SHE PLAYED THE 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM' CARD". Their version of events goes like this: Garth and her friends show up to the nightclub, they refuse to stand in line, and they storm out. TMZ quoted a photographer at the scene who claims Garth said "I'm 40 years old, I have 3 kids, I've been in the business for years." According to the photographer, who also took a picture of the actress giving the middle finger, they weren't let in because they did not stand in line. According to Jennie and her group, it's because three of her friends were African American men.

The club sides with the photographer in the matter. The club released a statement to TMZ stating: "DBA has a very strict door policy and Ms. Garth and her entire group of friends were asked to wait in line for entry along with everyone else. The group chose not to do so and left."

Garth made a statement of her own over Twitter:

Many of her followers were confused:

But after the story began to pick up mileage, fan reactions varied from supportive:

To judgmental:

And vindictive against the judgmental:

The actress has made no further tweets or statements.

Image via WochitEntertainment, YouTube