Jennie Garth Opens Up About Tell-All Book

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On Wednesday, Jennie Garth stopped by Good Morning America to discuss her new tell-all book Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde.

The former Beverly Hills 90210 star revealed a lot of personal details in her new book, including how she handled her divorce from her husband, of 11 years, Peter Facinelli.

GMA's Lara Spencer asked Garth why she wanted to open up about her life now, to which Garth replied, "It was something I hadn't done and I wanted to take the challenge."

"You're so open and honest in the book, you talk about your split from your now ex-husband, you talk about your dad's passing," Spencer said. "Hard for you to let go, or cathartic?"

"In some ways cathartic and very eye-opening for myself in a good way to sort of take a look and see how my life has progressed," Garth explained. "All the things that have sort of happened and how they've molded me into the person that I am today."

As for her time spent on 90210, Garth says that she had a great time and great experiences. She explains that many of her cast mates became like brothers and sisters, including her love interest on the show Luke Perry.

"We had a great time, what an experience," Garth said. "I wouldn't trade it for the world. But in some ways I missed out on a lot things, but in a lot of ways I was very lucky. Some of us really are like brothers and sisters," Garth continued. "And we're always there for each other. Very close."

When Garth finalized her divorce last year, rumors started circulating that she and Perry were an item. Fans remained hopeful that their favorite couple would finally live happily ever after. However, Garth reveals that he is simply "like a brother" to her. "It's just Kelly and Dylan, people just have this image in their mind," she explained. "Our fans are so loyal from that show, and we're so grateful."

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