Jennie Garth Opens Up About Divorce In New Memoir

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Jennie Garth has spoken a few times about her split from husband Peter Facinelli since they publicly announced it two years ago, but in her new memoir, she gets into more detail about what caused the rift between them.

In "Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde", Garth talks about how she felt when Facinelli was away from home working on movies and why his absence played such a big role in their divorce.

"My husband was away a lot then, working across the country on location on a film that he'd written, was producing, and was starring in," she writes. "I was thrilled for him that he was taking his career to the next level, but I was also, I can see now, feeling a bit resentful and itchy in ways that I couldn't quite identify. … All I know is that I felt like I was waiting: for him to come home, waiting for him to be free to join me in the day-to-day of our family life, waiting for the next job to be lined up that would take him far away from us again."

Soon after their separation was announced, Garth showed up for an appearance at "Fox & Friends" looking very thin and not in the best of health, which had fans and friends alarmed. The impending divorce had taken a toll on her, and she writes in her memoir that realizing her husband was no longer in love with her was devastating.

"I'd say that I didn't even allow myself to entertain the idea that my husband may have reached the end of his rope, too. I understand, now, how frustrated he was at how unreachable I'd become...I was devastated by the news that he was no longer in love with me."

The couple shares three daughters and have said that their top priority is making sure they are taken care of. But the fact that they have known each other since they were very young has made things even harder.

“It’s unfortunate,” Garth told Jay Leno in 2012. “It happens to the best of us. It’s something that has been really tough, for sure. My husband and I, we grew up together, so we are very important people to each other.”

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