Jenni Farley Marries Roger Mathews, Reportedly Pregnant Again


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Jenni Farley (aka JWoww) has married Roger Mathews, and the two are reportedly expecting a second baby after their first just having been born in July of last year.

Mathews wrote in a blog post on October 16:

As you may imagine, it’s been another crazy week here in the Mathews household. Well, actually, not too crazy and that’s thanks to Jenni. For a woman about to get married on Sunday, she has been very calm. She’s got things all figured out! We are just excited for the day to come. It’s going to be a great party!

Meilani has been in a great mood all week (not that she usually isn’t or anything), think she knows her Mommy and Daddy are about to have a very special day. We can’t wait for her to be the star that she is on the day. We are getting a bunch of well wishes from friends, family, and all you guys and we can’t thank you enough. We have shared our love story with you guys for so long, and it’s exciting for you guys to still care about our wedding.

Bridesmaid shuttle!!!!!

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ET Online got the exclusive on the new baby news saying that a source close to the couple confirmed they announced the pregnancy at the wedding, which took place at Addison Park in Keyport, New Jersey.