Jenna Wolfe Champions Fitness Post-Pregnancy


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Jenna Wolfe just had a baby a few months ago, but that hasn't stopped her from working out and keeping active. More than that, the news anchor has become a champion for fitness across the country.

Her own story of fitness after pregnancy has brought other women to follow in her footsteps. TODAY ran a story about new mom Patrice Poltzer who took on Jenna Wolfe as a trainer:

"It has now been eight months since my son was born and I am definitely in a better state of mind and much nicer to myself than I was in those first few months. I’ve returned to work —as a producer at TODAY —and feel truly ready to commit to the hard work it takes to get into shape. For starters, I now go to the gym at work. That is huge, because I was always one of those people who didn’t like showering at work. It also helps that I recruited TODAY Weekend anchor Jenna Wolfe, to be my trainer. Talk about accountability!"

Wofle and her partner, Stephanie Gosk, had a baby girl named Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk last August. E-online quoted her about the experience: "While I was terrified of the whole birthing process, now I'm sort of terrified of life AFTER birth.What happens in that first minute we walk through the front door of our apartment? How do we know what to do? Does she come with an instruction manual? When does she eat? When does she need a diaper change? How about a bath? Long sleeves? Onesie? Does she sleep in the crib or the bassinet? Is this diaper on backwards?"

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Recently, Wolfe has been spotted water-skiing in Flordia. TODAY called her adventure a "perfect day". "We were friends instantaneously," Jenna said about her fan turned water skiing instructor Melanie Glover.

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In April, Wolfe published a ten minute office workout on TODAY. Some of the steps involved picking up paperclips, bicep curls with water bottles, and doing leg lifts in an office chair.

Image via amanda russell, YouTube.