Jenna Jameson Catches Hell for Israel Comments

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Jenna Jameson is joining a growing line of porn stars whose names are trending. In all cases, you still have to be careful what you click on at work or without Incognito mode engaged. In Jenna Jameson's case, her headlines are about her conversion to Judaism.

Jenna Jameson is embracing the faith and traditions of her Israeli fiancé Lior Bitton. She has posted items to social media that show her serving up kosher meals and discussing her plans to visit Israel.

Her fiancé "visited" Israel when he was fleeing prosecution for insurance fraud back in 2010, but has since reportedly paid his debt to society and is living the good life as a diamond dealer.

While Jenna Jameson has spoken of her religious upbringing in the past, she was coming from a different place on the spectrum then.

“I’m very religious,” she told Larry King in 2013. “I think that we’ve come a long way religiously. I don’t think that you have to take the Bible literally … And I love being able to teach my children what it means to just believe and have the strength of faith … I’ve always been extremely Catholic. My father was Catholic, and he brought me up that way.”

Now that Jenna Jameson is exploring and loving the tenets of 3,000 of tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, she is also catching some flak for expressing her love on social media. One such instance was an Instagram post that featured a bumper sticker-ish picture declaring "I Stand With Israel."

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Commenters piled on the political and cultural hot-button topic.

"You stand with occupation and apartheid! I see," one commenter charged.

"You're speaking to one of the millions of Palestinians forcefully expelled from our homeland since 1948. I suggest that you look at all the skeletons in Israel's closet ! The good news is that BDS is here to stay until Israel renounces apartheid especially in the occupied West Bank and quit all Arab occupied lands!"

When you open up that box, you never know what will jump out. The topic of Middle East issues, particularly those concerning Israel, ignite deeply-held feelings from all sides. Jenna Jameson may not have known what to expect in that regard, since Catholics don't generally promote the kind of eschatology that Evangelical Christians embrace concerning Israel.

But Jenna Jameson herself jumped right into the fray with commenters, firing back.

Jameson challenged one commenter, "Do some research then try to debate me..."

To another, she remarked, "I've never allowed others narrow minds influence my beliefs."

Many Jews are welcoming Jenna Jameson to their ranks with open arms.

But some people seem to be snickering at the idea of a former porn star wading into the political minefield of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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