Jenelle Evans: Was Nathan Griffith Cheating Before Domestic Violence Arrest?

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Jenelle Evans seems to be doing just fine without Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans is working on getting her nursing degree and getting her life together for her kids.

Nathan Griffith, her (probably former) fiance, is not doing as well.

On Wednesday, Jenelle Evans claims that Nathan Griffith pinned her against a toilet and forced her engagement ring off of her finger, leaving a cut.

Jenelle Evans told police that she had been staying at a hotel and had returned to the home they share to get some things she needed for school when the altercation happened.

Tub in a tub.

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However, reportedly Nathan Griffith told the police that Jenelle Evans became upset with him and ripped the ring off of her own finger in a fit of rage. He also told police that she is the violent one in the relationship.

He then proceeded to show them scars that Jenelle Evans had left on his back and other various places on his body, but he declined to give a statement.

What happened that lead up to the fight between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith and his subsequent arrest is unclear, but there are reports that he may have been cheating.

According to Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans tweeted some serious accusations against Nathan Griffith's fidelity.

Can't wait until next week

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They claim that Jenelle Evans accused him of cheating with a girl named Heather, apparently someone he was following on Twitter, and she then "flipped out".

However, those tweets were deleted.

Shortly after the rumored Twitter accusations, Nathan Griffith completely closed his account and Jenelle Evans posted this:

What do you think? Is there anything to the rumors that Nathan Griffith was cheating on Jenelle Evans or do you think she was maybe in a jealous rage?

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