Jenelle Evans: Photo Spurs Odd Backlash

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Jenelle Evans leaves her son Kaiser in the care of her mother-in-law while she attends school. One day recently, she posted a seemingly benign photo of the baby via social media, and all hell broke loose. Instead of receiving remarks about how precious her little boy is, or about how lucky the Teen Mom 2 star is to have a mother-in-law who keeps her son so she can go to school, naysayers chimed in on the fact that Kaiser was sporting a black eye. Someone even reported Jenelle to Child Services.

OK! says they don't even like to give the situation more attention than it has already garnered, but points out that they--along with many others--agree that the notion of Jenelle Evans or her mother-in-law having harmed her son is ridiculous.

Jenelle chimed in with a few words--and more pictures--of her own.

Jenelle Evans tweeted another message to naysayers that should at the very least have given them pause to consider the situation.

Jenelle Evans appeared--along with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska--on this past Wednesday evening's airing of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special. The ladies dished not only their current situations, but about regrets they have as well.

Did you catch the Teen Mom 2 reunion show this past week? Do you find it absolutely ridiculous that people would even think of accusing Jenelle Evans of child abuse?

If you've raised children, you know how easily and often they fall. Bumps and bruises are a part of practically every baby's life.

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