Jenelle Evans Talks Mom, Moving And Family


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Jenelle Evans and her mom have anything but a good relationship. They are constantly arguing, fighting and cursing at each other.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara has custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace, which has only put a bigger strain on her relationship with Jenelle.

In spite of their constant bickering, Jenelle recently had something nice to say about her mom.

When asked who was the biggest support system in her life, Jenelle said it was Barbara.

“This def. is my mom! She has been there for through the ROUGHEST parts in my life and still loved me for me,” she said.

Jenelle has been trying to get her life back on track lately. She recently gave birth to her second son Kaiser and is in a stable relationship with the baby’s father.

Earlier this year Jenelle filed for divorce from her husband, Courtland Rogers, who she claims was physically abusive towards her.

Jenelle lives with her new baby and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith in South Carolina, but recently expressed an interest in moving.

Jenelle posted on Twitter that she would like to move to North Carolina, but couldn’t get Nathan to agree.

Moving to North Carolina would take Jenelle further away from her mother and her older son, but it could give her a fresh start with her new little family.

Now that Jenelle’s life has settled down a little, it’s time that she settles in one place and raise her children with some stability.

Do you think Jenelle will move to North Carolina and if she does will her mom follow her?

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