Jenelle Evans, Star of Teen Mom 2, Gets Engaged: Twitter Laughs

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Jenelle Evans, one of the stars of the MTV reality show "Teen Mom 2", has apparently convinced someone that she's worth marrying. Us Weekly reports that Evans revealed she's engaged to her boyfriend Gary Head, a guy with whom she's shared a storied history. However, the past is apparently not much of an issue, because the two are now headed into the wacky world of wedded bliss.

The exploits of Evans, 20, and Head, 22, are chronicled on the popular TV series "Teen Mom 2", a program that explores the ins and outs, the trials and tribulations of raising a child as a teenager. The show has generated its fair share of controversy since its inception, as critics seem to feel that it glorifies teenage pregnancy. However, anyone who has actually watched more than 15 minutes of "Teen Mom 2" knows that it works much better as a contraceptive than an aphrodisiac. Any teenage girl who is inspired to have a child of their own after consuming an episode clearly has bigger issues bubbling beneath the surface.

Will Evans and Head's relationship last? That remains to be seen. Back in April, the couple apparently went their separate ways, which sent Evans into the arms of her former squeeze Kieffer Delp. However, things have gotten better for the couple as of late; Head, for example, recently helped Evans recover from her boob job, which, I'm sure, was a completely selfless act. True love glistens like freshly-scrubbed surgical equipment.

What do people on Twitter think of the news? Their comments are almost as snarky as the article you just read. You can have a look at a small collection of thoughts and feelings below.

Jenelle Evans got engaged. It doesn't really matter to who because next week she won't be engaged anymore.
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My damn periods last longer then jenelle evans friendships, relationships/engagements. #nohope #badmom
47 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto
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'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle gets engaged: Jenelle Evans now has a flashy accessory to go with her new chest:... #TV #news
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This girl is such a disaster, wish she would just think of her kid!!
16 hours ago via MailOnline on iOS · powered by @socialditto
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Teen Mom's often arrested Jenelle Evans is engaged. A heart-warming event like this really solidifies the sanctity of marriage in my eyes.
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