Jenelle Evans Reportedly Faces Custody Battle After Domestic Violence Incident

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Jenelle Evans is reportedly facing a nasty custody battle after her fiance, Nathan Griffith, was arrested for domestic violence on March 4.

The couple gave different versions of exactly what happened during the incident, with Evans telling police that after staying at a hotel, she returned to the home she shares with Griffith to pick up some belongings and they began to argue. Things escalated, she said, and eventually got physical when Griffith "pinned her to the toilet" and forcibly removed her engagement ring. She says she suffered a cut on her finger from the incident. However, Griffith says he never laid a hand on Evans and that she took the ring off herself.

Evans and Griffith have been ordered by a judge to stay away from one another until his court date, which isn't until April 22, and now there are reports that there may be a custody battle in the works over their infant son, Kaiser.

“Jenelle doesn’t want to let Kaiser out of her sight. She has him now and since she can’t talk with Nathan, she has no idea how they’re going to schedule time for Nathan to see Kai. Plus she doesn’t want to leave him with anyone, not even his dad," a source told RadarOnline.

Evans was reportedly arrested herself last month after she was caught driving on a suspended license; it wasn't her first brush with the law. She's also earned the ire of several Twitter users after a photo she posted in October of Kaiser with what appeared to be a black eye drew quite a bit of backlash. The Teen Mom star reportedly had Child Protective Services called over the photo, all while she's in the process of trying to gain back custody of her older son, Jace.

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