Jenelle Evans Of "Teen Mom" Earns Academic Accolades While Fighting Twitter Hate

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As Janelle Evans is gearing up for the Teen Mom 2 finale, she wages a battle for personal dignity on Twitter. Lately, she is able to claim some victories.

Now studding at Miller-Motte Technical college for her surgical assistant degree, Evans recently was recognized for academic achievement. "It’s truly remarkable how far the South Carolina native has come since turning her life around in the past few years, and she deserves all of the praise for her success," MTV published on their website, "Plus, she’s using her complete 180 as a way to motivate others who might be dealing with setbacks like the ones she once faced, or those who are in the similar position of juggling school and parenthood."

Even with her achievements documented on Twitter, the Teen Mom star has more than her fair share of haters.

The most recent Twitter hate began when Doris Jean Hewlett-Davidson, the mother of Jenelle’s boyfriend Nathan Griffith, posted a picture as a comment to Evan's Facebook status.

The International-Business Times reported how many on the internet mistook the shadow on the baby's eye as a black eye. More than 50 people reported Evans to South Carolina’s Child Protective Services.

Evans quickly responded to the hate on Twitter with a quick picture of her own:

"This was still not enough to shut the haters up," Stephanie Gustafson wrote on Reality TV Magazine, "Jenelle’s used to receiving plenty of nasty criticism and she knows it won’t stop in the near future."

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