Jenelle Evans Marries: "Teen Mom 2" Star Weds In Secret

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Jenelle Evans, one of the stars of "Teen Mom 2", has had a troubled past that doesn't look to be getting better anytime soon.

Evans accepted a marriage proposal two weeks ago from her boyfriend of just three months, and they've already tied the knot. Her sister spoke out about the relationship, and friends and family think Courtland Rogers is trouble.

"My mother was totally shocked and had to hear it from someone else. Our whole family is shocked because they have not been dating very long. I'm sure she did this to distract from all the drug accusations that have been flying around and of course she thinks it will help her get custody of [her son] Jace back from mom if she is married," Ashleigh Evans Wilson said. "At this point, after all that she has been through, she should know better than this."

Rogers spent time in jail in 2006 and again in 2011 for larceny; like Evans, he's a parent, although neither have custody of their children at the moment. He recently made a post on Jenelle's blog concerning rumors that he was in court the same day he married her and referenced some "baby mama drama".

Jenelle is battling rumors of her own; since the nuptials, word is going around that the couple had a shotgun wedding because she's pregnant.

Amanda Crum
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