Jenelle Evans In Twitter Battle With Boyfriend's Ex

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Jenelle Evans has had a bit of a rough time in the last couple of years; the Teen Mom star has battled substance abuse and went through a divorce, then put it all behind her and moved on to go back to school and raise her infant son with boyfriend Nathan Griffin. However, the past hasn't completely receded for the reality star, as she recently found herself in a bit of a feud with Griffin's ex, Alison Stevens.

Evans took to the social media site earlier this month to share her opinion on how people label themselves, and Stevens responded shortly after, assuming the post was meant to be a dig at her. Stevens, who lists on her Twitter bio that she enjoys training at a nearby health club, is the mother of Griffin's first child.

Evans immediately shot back that she never named names in her post, which caused a back-and-forth between the two of them--with Stevens calling her "pathetically jealous"--and ended up involving several fans in the comments.

Evans has had her share of drama with the other stars of Teen Mom, but she's also had some with her Twitter followers. The reality star was reported to Child Protective Services earlier this year after she posted a photo of her infant son Kaiser with what looked like a black eye. However, she wasn't charged with endangering the baby.

Amanda Crum
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