Jenelle Evans Causes Twitter Uproar Over Costume

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It’s no secret that Jenelle Evans has a lot of haters, and most of them like to express their opinions of the Teen Mom star on Twitter.

Over the years, Jenelle has been criticized for her parenting skills, which definitely need some improvement, but recently, her haters have gotten a little petty.

When Jenelle gave her son a Mohawk haircut, many people lashed out at her on Twitter and said she should have chosen a more mainstream style for the little boy. Jenelle took the high road and defended her decision to cut her son’s hair without acting rude or disrespectful.

Now she is being criticized for her Halloween costume choice.

Like most young women who choose to wear costumes for Halloween, Jenelle recently shared photos of herself in the costume on Twitter.

Her costume was a sexy schoolgirl style, complete with a fitted top and short skirt.

It wasn’t long after the photos hit Twitter, that the haters started attacking Jenelle and telling her she was desperate for attention and saying that the costume shouldn’t even be considered a costume, but lingerie instead.

Jenelle seemed to expect that everyone would have negative things to say about the costume and after sharing the photos she posted another tweet that said “Hate on it!”

That’s just what happened.

It seemed like everyone on Twitter had something to say about Jenelle's costume. She did have some fans who defended her and didn't seem to be bothered by the mean and nasty comments and tweets.

She has obviously gotten used to the negative attention and almost seems to welcome it.

What do you think of the costume? Is it any worse than the costumes other girls her age wear during Halloween?

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