Jenelle Evans Arrested For A 15th Time After Assaulting Ex-Fiance

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The law of averages dictates that you should get lucky after several tries. In Jenelle Evans case, she got a get out of jail free card.

The Teen Mom 2 mainstay had a police warrant put out for her after she attacked her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith.

The drama started on May 26 when the volatile Evans went to Griffith’s house. According to the police report, Griffith went out to meet Evans after she threatened to damage his truck. She allegedly started to attack him. She “slapped, punched and tried to kick him down some stairs” and at one point even tried to choke her son Kaiser’s father.

The 23-year-old Evans turned herself in on Thursday, accompanied by a camera crew. Looking somber and wearing a tank top, she was charged with domestic violence and processed.

It was the 15th time Evans had to pose for a mug shot. She has been arrested several times for disturbing the peace, breaking and entering, drug possession, assault and parole violation.

But this time around, Evans was released on her own personal recognizance and according to her lawyer Amy Lawrence, “she did not have to pay a bond fee.”

The reality star initially tried to defend herself after her assault on Griffith by claiming that he tried to run her over with his truck and that she would be “seeking charges.”

But her lawyer explained that the embattled Evans was just acting out because she was hurt over their break-up.

“I think that in her heart she thought that maybe with them breaking up that they would get back together because they have a child together,” Evans’ lawyer explained. “And I think she’s just very hurt that he has moved on.”


Griffith is said to be already dating someone else. Lawrence also hinted that Griffith wanted the charges against Evans dismissed.

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