Jencarlos Canela: The Word "God" Bigger Than Religion

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Jencarlos Canela played Jesus Christ in Fox's Sunday night broadcast of The Passion, and he has an interesting take on religion.

"I was raised Catholic, but I consider myself more spiritual than religious," he said in a recent interview with People magazine.

What led Jencarlos Canela away from traditional religion?

The Telenovela star cites "human error" for his "disconnect from religion." This doesn't mean he doesn't believe in God, however.

"We make the mistake of attaching the word God to religion," Jencarlos Canela says. "The word God is way bigger than religion."

The Passion was set in modern day New Orleans. It featured several contemporary songs, as well as a different look at the final hours on earth of Jesus Christ. Trisha Yearwood played Christ's mother, Mary.

"We can't allow anyone to tell us how our relationship with God must be," Canela says. "We can choose our own path. And at the end of the day, all that matters is that we are on that path with a supreme being who helps us strive to become better people--a better version of ourselves."

What did you think of Jencarlos Canela as Jesus Christ in Fox's broadcast of the new, modern version of The Passion?

Did you like this modern take on the story of Christ's last days or do you prefer a more traditional depiction?

Jencarlos Canela does make an excellent point in say God is bigger than religion. Too often people get wrapped up in the "right" way to worship, when a relationship with and belief in no doubt God trumps all.

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