Jen Arnold Cancer Update - Headed Back To Work


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Jen Arnold, of TLC's The Little Couple, is finally back to feeling like herself.

Arnold, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, recently underwent her last chemotherapy treatment, and is currently in remission. On April 14, she took to Twitter to let her followers know that she would be "getting back in the saddle" and would be heading back to work the next day.

Jen and her husband Bill openly documented Jen's battle on their reality show. Fans got to see all of the ups and downs of her treatment that came, not long, after adopting their daughter Zoey.

It was actually during their trip, to pick up their newest edition, that Jen first started experiencing symptoms. Doctors advised her to head back to the US to undergo tests, and that is when they made the discovery that Jen had cancer.

Since her diagnosis, Jen has been bravely fighting a battle that no one should have to fight. However, through the sickness and loss of hair, Jen was still able to balance her family life.

She revealed, during an interview on the Today show, that she is feeling better and even took little Zoey on a shopping trip in San Francisco.

"We haven't taken her to many stores since we brought her home because we've been on lockdown," Jen explained. "So I think she was just having a blast, checking it all out. I've definitely found my shopping partner in crime."

Bill is not the least bit worried about his wife's shopping habit. He is just happy that she is able to get out and about. "While Jen has experienced fatigue since completing chemotherapy, I believe having the opportunity to go shopping is a good sign that she is on the way back to being her," he said. "For a change, this husband won't be complaining when she heads to the mall."

Image via Twitter